Transportation Titans Target Tardy Appointments [Updated]

Patient access has always been a struggle in healthcare. How do you get patients the care they need when they need it? Getting patients to the appointment is the first step. It is estimated that 3.6 million Americans miss medical appointments due to lack of available transportation. These cause the dreaded cancellations and no-shows that also interrupt patient care.

In the past week, we have heard incredible advancements in patient access from some titans in transportation! Last Thursday, Uber Health launched a HIPAA compliant ride-booking service targeted at healthcare systems that want to help patients get to their appointments. Then, on Monday Allscripts-Lyft announced a partnership to help the nearly 7 million patients who see a provider using Allscripts solve a similar problem.

What do you think, would your patient base be more likely to show up for their appointments if they were given a free ride?

Updated: Wednesday, April 18

You can now add Ford to the mix with their new platform, GoRide.

Excited to see who else joins!

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