Three Appointment Types Every Healthcare Practice Gets Wrong

Exert from The Definitive Guide to Appointment Types, read the full guide here

Identifying the most common annotations in appointments types can make scheduling and maintaining consistent patient flow easier. Looking at thousands of schedules we've noticed a trend around a few appointment types that cause the most problems for practices. Check to see if your practice is doing these.

1. Follow-Ups

Are the schedulers writing a description of the follow-up in the Comments/Notes section? This could be a sign that your appointment types need to be more time specific.
ex:. "3-month follow-up" or "6-month follow-up"

2. Post-Ops

Do you see the procedure and follow-up in the Comments/Notes section? You may need more specific types of post-ops.
ex. "Hand surgery 30-day follow-up"

3. Physicals

Do you see a description of the type of physical in the Comments/Notes section? We've found that having a separate wellness visit for medicare better aligns with provider schedule preferences.
ex. "Medicare Annual Wellness Visit" or "Chronic Care Visit"

Read the rest at The Definitive Guide to Appointment Types

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