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Healthcare IT has been a hinderance rather than a help for providers and patients alike. Learn how to make the right healthcare IT work for your practice.

A QueueDr Customer Success Story: Valley Medical Group

Valley Medical Group

84 Providers
Springfield, Mass
Cancellations Filled Per Month: 310
Median Fill Time: 5.4 minutes

QueueDr recently traveled to Springfield, MA to interview our customer Valley Medical Group in an interview that got a bit of press in Physicians Practice! Valley Medical Group has been using QueueDr for over 1 year to fill their cancellations, so they

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Don't be Fooled by the Latest Healthcare Tech Buzzword: Automation

Our team recently attended an annual conference for one of the largest healthcare corporations in the world. While walking through the exhibits and talking with executives, one word kept coming up: automation. It hung over the conference like a summer fog.

Excited that QueueDr's mission to bring automation to providers everywhere was finally being picked up by the rest of

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The Love/Hate Relationship Practices Have with Waitlists

We recently spoke with a practice manager and asked him if his staff used the waitlist. He paused, verbally shimmied, and replied, "we'd really like to, sometimes we do, but not really". In other words, "No."

In theory, having a waitlist can be great to fill canceled appointments, get patients in earlier, and organize your staff. But, in speaking with

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Why You Should be Focused on Solving Unfilled Cancellations and No Shows Now

Running a physician group can be overwhelming with a seemingly endless list of problems to solve. The question isn't what problems to solve, it's what problem to solve first.

Here are four reasons your physician group should be focused on solving the problems caused by cancellations and no-shows now.

1) Appointments are Foundational

Every problem a group needs to solve

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