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Why No-Shows Get All The Attention

I recently talked with a practice about their failed appointments. They said that they had about 400 cancelled appointments per month and 100 no-shows.

The practice admin said that they had no process in place for filling cancellations, so most of them went unfilled. I then asked her which was a bigger problem for her practice, no-shows or cancellations?


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A QueueDr Customer Success Story: Valley Medical Group

Valley Medical Group

**84 Providers**
**Springfield, Mass**
*Cancellations Filled Per Month:* 310
*Median Fill Time:* 5.4 minutes

QueueDr recently traveled to Springfield, MA to interview our customer Valley Medical Group in an interview that got a bit of press in [Physicians Practice](http://www.physicianspractice.com/technology/automating-appointments-satisfies-physicians-and-patients" target="_blank)! Valley Medical Group has been using QueueDr

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