Reasons Patients Cancel

I was recently at the doctor and he asked what I did for a living, I explained I work for QueueDr and what we do (if you are reading this and don’t know what we do, check this out), and he and the nurse were both blown away, “why don’t we have that, we need it” he said. He and the nurse joked, “you wouldn’t believe the number of cancellations we get, they cancel because the weather is bad, because the weather is good because something better came up because nothing better came up.” Which got me thinking, our health is our greatest asset so why do we disregard it so easily? Is it because sometimes not knowing if something is wrong is easier than knowing (the ignorance is bliss motto). Is it because of costs associated with healthcare. Is it because of the historical wait time associated with healthcare. Is it due to lack of transportation (see a recent post about this here).

I would be curious to see data on reasons for cancellation. Do you track the reasons for cancellation? What are the top reasons your patients are cancelling? Start tracking the reasons patients cancel, use this informaiton in your marketing ad communication plans with your patients.

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