Times Have Changed; Is Healthcare Keeping Up?

When I was about four I thought that stop lights were run by people who sat up in the light and switched the light from green to yellow to red. I remember having so many questions for my mom. How did they get up there? How big were they? How did they know when to change the light? Were they adults or kids? My mom then explained that the lights were automated and run by machines. This blew my four-year-old mind.

Fast forward about 30 years, I was recently driving with my four-year-old. She loves it when I tell her stories about when I was little. So, stopped at a light, I told her that I used to think that people operated the light. This blew her four-year-old mind, she looked at me with wide-eyes and said, “why would you think people run the lights instead of computers?” I had to explain to her how things had changed since I was little, and it got me thinking. Do we let our own perception of best practice get in the way of what our customers are looking for?

Last week, we had a call with a new client and asked how their patients felt. Their response illustrated this point she said, “we called the first patient who filled an appointment through us, the patient exclaimed, ‘it was so awesome, you have no idea how easy it was to hand my phone to my teenage son while I was driving and tell him to claim the appointment!’" So, what has you pumping the proverbial breaks on automation when it is what patients are hoping for and quite possibly expecting?

Emily from QueueDr

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