Four Ways Appointment Types Affect Your Office Every Day

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Here are the top four ways that appointment types are affecting your office right now.

1) Lower Revenue

A patient booked more than 5 days in the future is 2-3x more likely to no-show for their appointment. New patients generate 3-5x more revenue than established patients. Then why are new patient appointments often booked so far out? A lack of openings for new patient appointment types which can be fixed by well-defined appointment types and templating to decrease that wait.

2) Mistakes in Billing

If appointment types are unclear, being too generic or too specific, there is a high risk of a scheduler mislabeling an appointment type. These appointment type mistakes then flow through to billing causing revenue to be missed.

3) Unhappy Providers

A happy provider is a productive provider. Most providers have preferences on when they like to see certain types of patients. Planning a provider's day by specific appointment types allows your providers to be at peak productivity and happiness.

4) Longer Staff Onboarding

The longer the process to onboard new schedulers, the more wages are wasted. Having too many appointment types creates a steeper learning curve for new hires, while ill-defined appointment types creates daily friction as confused schedulers aren't sure what to use.

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