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3 Reasons Filling Cancellations are Key to Maintaining a Healthy Patient Pipeline

In sales, one of the most important focus is keeping a healthy pipeline. A pipeline represents valuable prospects and contacts that eventually turn into equally valuable customers. This is where the support of strategic marketing activities come in. For health practices, keeping a healthy patient pipeline is critical. A pipeline consists of three groups of patients:

1) Existing Patients: Retaining

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The Love/Hate Relationship Practices Have with Waitlists

We recently spoke with a practice manager and asked him if his staff used the waitlist. He paused, verbally shimmied, and replied, "we'd really like to, sometimes we do, but not really". In other words, "No."

In theory, having a waitlist can be great to fill canceled appointments, get patients in earlier, and organize your staff. But, in speaking with

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5 Healthcare Stories to Read This Week

QueueDr scours the top healthcare news to find the best stories and blogs to help your practice run more effectively.

Enjoy and share!

Are You Addressing Staff Burnout? (5 min read) Physician mental health is a taboo topic and staff involved in patient care suffer very high rates of burnout. This article sheds light on the problem and asks the

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Why You Should be Focused on Solving Unfilled Cancellations and No Shows Now

Running a physician group can be overwhelming with a seemingly endless list of problems to solve. The question isn't what problems to solve, it's what problem to solve first.

Here are four reasons your physician group should be focused on solving the problems caused by cancellations and no-shows now.

1) Appointments are Foundational

Every problem a group needs to solve

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