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Four Ways To Reduce Unscheduled Provider Capacity

Medical organizations face obstacles with patient access and physician shortages so they need to be smart with how they manage their schedule. Unscheduled Provider Capacity (UPC) is defined as open appointments in a provider's schedule where a provider is available to see a patient but no one is scheduled.

These open times on your providers' schedules result in unrealized revenue,

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Five Reasons EMR Integrations Make Healthcare IT Better

When it comes to healthcare IT, the EMR is the foundation for building successful technology into your organization. Like a great foundation, it should be stable and easy to build on. Your EMR has (likely) hundreds of companies, like QueueDr, that integrate directly into their platform to make it easy for you to roll out ancillary technology and improve the

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QueueDr Joins Epic App Orchard!

WASHINGTON, Aug. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- QueueDr, the creator of OnDemand Schedule Management Solutions for healthcare organizations, announced today that is has joined the Epic App Orchard.

The App Orchard developer program and marketplace help businesses integrate their products and services with their customer's Epic software. App Orchard provides developers with integration technologies, testing tools, design and technical support, training

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Five Things to Do While at Engage

Washington DC is the nation's capital and full of amazing sites. However, you probably know about the main ones, so we asked our DC employees to come up with five hidden gems that most visitors don't know about.

1) QueueDr booth at Engage

We are unveiling our brand new QueueDr booth (#716) with brand new footwear (yes footwear) for our

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