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Why No-Shows Get All The Attention

I recently talked with a practice about their failed appointments. They said that they had about 400 cancelled appointments per month and 100 no-shows.

The practice admin said that they had no process in place for filling cancellations, so most of them went unfilled. I then asked her which was a bigger problem for her practice, no-shows or cancellations?


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Why Patient Wait Times Exist: A Rebuttal

This article is in response to The Waiting Game — Why Providers May Fail to Reduce Wait Times

We found that longer waits for specialist appointments at Geisinger Health System generally led to higher costs from the perspective of Geisinger Health Plan (our insurance arm) and higher revenues for the provider side of the business (albeit with higher operating cost due

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The Misspellings of QueueDr

I will never forget the first office I walked into to sell QueueDr.

Decked out in a tie and vest, nervous as hell, I approached the admins at the front desk. I introduced QueueDr and began my pitch, they hung on my every word. I was on fire! We had done it! We had invented the next Google.

Half way

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