A QueueDr Customer Success Story: Rubino OBGYN

For over a decade, Rubino OBGYN has had many of the top OBGYNs in the state of New Jersey. With that level of prestige, patients came flocking. It wasn't long before Rubino OBGYN was booked out months for an appointment. Some patients didn't love waiting that long and asked Rubino to get them in earlier. Some patients just no-showed or cancelled their appointment last minute, so they turned to QueueDr.


What a first day
Rubino OBGYN signed up for QueueDr and right away, saw incredible results. They filled 19 appointments on their very first day!

In the first six months with QueueDr, Rubino OBGYN has

  1. 766 filled cancellations
  2. 13,716 staff phone calls saved
  3. 6 minute cancellation fill time
  4. 17 day improvement in patient wait time

But there's more. Filling Cancellations is Cool, but you know what's cooler? Preventing No-Shows.

Rubino OBGYN knew that shortening patient wait time wasn't an end goal in itself, they knew that it could decrease their no-show rate. So they did a study to see the impact that QueueDr has on their no-shows.


Rubino OBGYN found that in the first 6 months, QueueDr cut their no-show rate by 50%. There were two reasons for this.

  1. Offers are reminders: The text messages sent to patients offering them earlier appointments also reminded the patients of the original appointment they had in the first place!
  2. Better access: The patients who claimed earlier appointments were often the ones who used to no-show.

Having the top doctors and staff is vital for success. Making sure that patients can see the doctors is important too.

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