Customization in Healthcare

Healthcare IT: How I learned to Stop Fighting It and Love the Customization

A business does not need to serve 100% of possible consumers. It only needs to serve a large enough percentage of the market to make a profit.

Healthcare groups on the other hand, cannot follow this mindset. Healthcare groups, medical practices, etc. need to serve 100% of patients. That is why customization is so important in the healthcare field.

As a Healthcare IT vendor, at first we fought the consistent request for customization. We believed that healthcare groups could conform to our way of thinking. But, the deeper we dove into this business the more we understood the importance of customization.

The more we allow healthcare groups to customize our product to fit their workflow, the better care they can provide their patients. So we focused hard on creating a fully customizable product. We created a flexible recipe platform that allowed healthcare groups that ability to fully customize, while not being overwhelmed by customization. Today, we pride ourself in saying our OnDemand Software Management tool follows all the rules the schedulers follow at each office.

Customization is the way to go. We applaud all the healthcare groups that forced us out of our comfort zone and challenged us to make something even better!

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