Five Tips for Rolling Out New Technology

We've rolled out QueueDr to thousands of providers across the country to help them keep their schedules full. As a result, we've worked with awesome people who have taught us a ton about how to best roll out new technology.

We wanted to share some of the ideas we picked up along the way and have since added to our roll-out plans.

1) How to Educate Patients


Keep the message short and make sure it's in as many places as possible. We typically find that email, office tvs, office walls, and a place on the website is great. But, one of the most successful places for getting the message through has been in the on-hold messaging. It's been quite effective because patients are intently listening and the message comes across as very relevant.

2) Tell Everyone


Our product predominantly affects schedulers and patients. In the beginning we created pre-written emails for both groups. However, filling appointments affects one other party, providers. You know the people who actually see the patient for their appointment? We missed them.

With our roll-outs now, we make sure providers are informed about QueueDr. We've found much higher satisfaction rates from providers and been pleasantly surprised by their involvement in suggesting new features :).

3) Be Upfront about the Downsides

This is a non-fancy way of saying "set expectations". When most people say that, they mean not speaking as highly about something as you should. However, I mean that you should tell your staff where the problem areas can be. People expect that adopting new technology won't be 100% seamless. For example, switching to the iPhone forced many people to re-learn text messaging (remember T9 texting anyone?) People hate being surprised and don't like feeling dumb.

We make sure to tell all our new customers that there are certain things to expect in the very beginning. That way they mentally prepare themselves AND don't feel that they are the only ones suffering through a particular malaise.

4) Be Upfront about the Upsides too


Don't assume that the benefits of a new tool are obvious. Spell them out. It's a good exercise to clarify your thinking and will encourage others to look for AND appreciate those benefits. For QueueDr, practices explicitly list the following

  1. More filled cancellations filled faster
  2. Fewer patients complaining about long waits
  3. No more need to use a waitlist or call patients about early appointments

5) Give explicit instructions on where to get support

If stuff goes wrong OR the staff have ideas to make a solution better where do they go?

Don't bury this information, make it crystal clear. We have three sections in the QueueDr onboarding. One entire section is simply where to go for email and phone support.

Overall, keep it simple and transparent. Rolling out new tech can be a huge difference for a practice, but doing it incorrectly can cause a practice to miss out on some amazing advantages.

Patrick Randolph

Founder of QueueDr

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